MICA Competitive Scholarship 2016

  • World Design: A Ranking
    Publication, Information, Infographic Design
    "World Design: A Ranking" is a book that compiles the top 10 countries awarded the A’ Design Award
  • Hey, Asian-Americans
    Interactive Print Design
    "Hey, Asian-Americans" is a series of 3 interactive posters directed towards Asian students, voices often unheard
  • Baltimore Design School Uniform
    Logo, Slogan, Apparel Design
    "Baltimore Design School Uniform" is an apparel design created for Baltimore Design School's first uniform
  • Know Your Coffee
    Print Design
    "Know Your Coffee" is a set of informational cards that helps the consumer craft the perfect cup of espresso
  • Empire Newspaper
    Top: Overview of Front Page and Interior Spread
    Bottom: Front Page Newspaper
    "Empire" is a Newspaper that retranslates Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra into a new format
  • The Art Academy Website
    Web Design
    "The Art Academy Website" aligns the formal art training studio with a web presence and advertisement through elegant design
  • Baltimore Biennial
    Branding, Print, Logo, Apparel Design
    "Baltimore Biennial" is a branding project through the use of multiple ephemera for an imagined music biennial
  • International Pop Cinema
    Web Design
    "International Pop Cinema" is a web design concept of a past exhibition held at the Walker Art Center