Competative Scholarship 2016

  • "Creditor" Short story by Alejandro Jodorowsky
    2015- Sophmore Illustration 2 with Jose Vilarrubia
    Graphite and Digital Color
  • Page 2/9 of comic- based on Francisco Coloane‘s Tierra del Fuego- "Five Sailors and the Green Coffin"
    2015- Sequential Arts- Allan Corbel
    Watercolor and pen and ink
  • Rose Quartz (character from Steven Universe)
    2015- personal work
  • Colorful Nudes
    2015- Life Drawing- Phillip Koch
    chalk pastels and charcoal
  • Witch's Cat
    2015- Illustrative Printmaking- Rebecca Gilbert
    Etching print
  • Page 4/7 of "Selkie"
    2015- For the MICA Sequential Arts Club zine "Mythological Creatures"
  • The Salamander
    2015 Illustrative Printmaking Rebbeca Gilbert
    Collagraph print, found objects, 2 blocks.
  • The Tower
    2015- Junior Illustration 1- Heidi Younger
  • Crystal View
    2015- Junior Illustration 1- Heidi Younger
    Woodcut Print
  • Willowtree
    2015- Watercolor for Illustrators- Scott Fuqua
    Watercolor and Guache