Alterego - Buckley B. Lee for President

  • Buckley B. Lee for President As a member of one of the most illustrious American families, Buckley Beauford Lee was born to be a U.S. statesman. He served as a congressman, a governor, and now he has his sights set on the White House. He relied heavily on his wealth and image in his previous campaigns, and this time is no different. This mural served as Buckley’s stage backdrop while he was on the campaign trail last month, winning him a five-point lead over all his opponents.
    Inspired by our current political cycle, I came up with a self-satisfied, smug politician who is more obsessed with his image than his platform. This is what I imagine most political campaigns would look like if they were honest.
  • This mural was created out of over 850 individual images of Buckley, cast in either red or white to make the stripes of the American Flag. "People Love Me," Buckley's motto represents the blue in our nation's flag, and reminds the American voter that everybody loves (over) confidence.