• Self-Portrait, 2014
     collage on canvas
     65.5cm x 53.0cm
    I'm in the process of establishing my own identities and values for answering 'Who I really am' now and I'm going to be in this process for my whole life. Through this piece, I would like to convey the message of how my values are cultivated or accumulated or grown with the influence of people around me.
    Self-portrait is the reflection of my life.
    I would like to retrace all people who have influenced on my set of values and perspectives so far whether they are artists  who have inspired me in terms of art, family members and friends that I'm always with, or even random people who I just  barely know and only heard about names.
    Each one of them would have influenced me in any way, so I listed all names of those people on caption for the completion of self-portrait. I made a general atmosphere like a self-portrait in medieval period and hang a long caption below.
  • The collage within the frame is created by the repetition of transfering images to fabric by using gel medium. I printed out the photos of artists, family and friends who could have influenced me and transferred those photographs into canvas. After that, I attached the photo of my eyes on the canvas to complete the general form of my face as a final.