• Oppression, 2015
    Document work
    23cm x 30cm
    I worked with the theme of oppression from inner conflicts and sense of suffocation. I chose to convey the idea through a real test format as it is a normal thing that people feel oppression when they are in a test condition. This document work contains three piece of papers; diagonostic test form, OMR card and test questions.  For the questions within the test paper I put ethical issues that people easily face in their daily lives. 
  • Test Questions
    Sense of suffocation/ oppression from inner conflict
    1. Rights vs. Benefits
    Your neighbor covers your wall with paints without you permission. You are angry because your neighbor intruded your personal space but you like the paints on your wall. Should you tell at your neighbor, or thank hi   him for the unexpected gift? Give your thoughts with reasons.
    2. Being Comfortable vs. Being Polite
    On your way to visit your friend, you recognize that the bus is full. You know you will be certainly covered in sweat if you get on, as your will be squeezed by many people. You are tempted to take the next us your ride will be less crowded, but you will be definitely late. What do you choose to do?
    3. Art vs. Morality
    You go to an art exhibition with your friend. You find an interesting 'piece' and stop in front of it. A dog is chained to the wall, obviously starving to death. He looks up, his eyes pitifully desperate. Should you accept the dog as an artwork and let him be or unchain the dog, criticizing the artists of his cruelty?