Right belief?

  • Right belief?, 2014
    Acrylic panels, OHP films and wood
    50cm x 30m x 7cm
    I designed a structure to surroung the cross of the church.
    As a Christian, I usually wonder what the right belief is and what a true Christians, representing the intersection of God's love and his justice. I believe that people need to constantly reform their minds and beliefs by looking at the cross. However, these days in Korea, some people go to Church just to serve the Church, not Jesus. They tend to be more focusd on socializing and supporting a community naturally formed in Church.
    Through this project, I would like to criticize the certain small group of people showing the wrong atitute toward God and convey the message that the church existst to primarily serve Jesus, not the church itself or separate community within the church.
  • This is my first planning for a structure of the cross of the church. I copied the original image in small size and attached to the cross of the church.
  • Sketches showing how I develop the process of building structure and how I measure the lengths of the real sculpture simulation.
  • Another two designs using two different churches.