Maruta: log series

  • Maruta: log series 
    Oil paint on cast aluminum, acrylic box, glass jar, water, ink
    Unit731 and Maruta cause ongoing international and political issues. The historical chronicle is uncomfortable. However, this history must be confronted. Unit731 was a Japanese military unit conducting covert biological and chemical warfare research in China during WWII. Japan wanted to develop germ warfare and Unit731 engaged in extreme cases of vivisection during the war. They called the subjects 'Maruta' which means 'log' in Japanese. For five years, at least 3000 Maruta from many countries were experimented and dissected, while still alive. 
    After WWII, in exchange for the research data on the Maruta, the United States that held the powerful position in the international court judging war criminals covered up the Japanese war crime. Maruta: log series invites the viewers to the unknown history. The works are oil painted cast aluminum sculptures put into sample jars or boxes with liquid. Each of them is titled by the names of the victims. Japan still denies their war crimes.