Fragments of Our Past

  •     Upon first traveling to New Orleans, I was only presented with the “Disney” parts, driving down the perfect main city streets: I saw what large corporations projected onto the city to draw in money and tourism. Upon further exploration, I was able to travel through the local communities where kids ride their bikes and play basketball. One of my first experiences in these communities was going to Our Lady Star of the Sea, where I realized the strength of the church in the community. There were families joining hands with strangers and singing songs of praise. However, on further investigation, I found that plenty of equally beautiful and important churches had been left abandoned by the side of the road, ready for demolition, and devoid of life.
        The goal of this Photography project was to demonstate not only the visual changes of the churches, but also the loss of the people and community that once attended and called it home. The project represents the issue of the loss of life, faith, and disappearance of history when a community is stuck by a disaster and is forced out of their homes by growing gentrification.