• In this brief that I worked on during my exchange at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, the Castle Rock Edinvar housing association identified various graffiti hotspots around their estates. They wanted a street art installation that would be aesthetically pleasing to the residents of the area as well as discouraging to taggers. 
    In my design I wanted to combine both pattern and text to create something uplifting and decorative, but not too stylistically specific. To make it more culturally relevant to Edinburgh (a UNESCO City of Literature) I thought it would be nice to use quotes from a writer like Sir Walter Scott, whose writings are already celebrated in the Edinburgh Waverly railway station. 
    The original design was meant to be in two separate pieces, but eventually they both had to be combined into one. I wanted to do so in a way that would maintain the structure of the original lettering, as well as add visual interest. The piece itself was installed after I had left Edinburgh.