MICA Competitive Scholarship 2016

  • ESTRO GENESIS MUSIC FESTIVAL is a fictional music festival featuring 18 all female artists. This promo video for the event was made frame by frame, and the overlays are and painted elements which are animated to come to life and interact with the subject.  It is meant to portray the event as a quirky, fun, and girly festival where you can go to be yourself. 
    Music: Bring the Noise by MIA
    Model: Elena Dreyer 
  • LASSO is a line of sharp, bold, and high quality hand made rope belts. These black and white rope belts will turn heads with their unusual use of material and black and white stripes which create optical illustions. The belts are a form of statement jewelry for your waist. Each one of a kind belt is created to spice up a simple outfit in an elegant manner, for a girls night out on the town or to transform your outfit from drab to fab!
    The brand is targeting an audience who is looking for a unique and hand-made accessory. Customizable belts are available upon request through our website, www. lasso belts.wix.com/lasso
  • This project consists of 4 hand lettered riddles on cards, chosen from The Jingle Book, by Carolyn Wells. The front of the card is the title, and the reverse side is the riddle itself. Opulent Ollie was lettered with paint, The Butter Betty Bought was lettered with water colors, An Intercepted Valentine was lettered with crayons, and My Barometer was lettered through vectors in illustrator. Each card is 5 x 7 inches and printed on enhanced matte paper. 
  • This assignment created a flexible identity around a typography conference of our choosing. I created a promotional motion graphic, 24 x 36 inch poster, nametag, and tote bag as elements which would be used for the event. My conference is looking at the relationships and impact of typography in the fashion world. The conference is looking through a lens of editorial and publication design, and it's evolution along side modern typography.  The conference will gather magazine editors, fashion designers, and graphic designers to come together to discuss how typography and fashion have influenced each other throughout the decades. 
  • Sassy & Classy, 2015
    11 x 17 in. 
    Inkjet print on enhanced matte paper 
  • All of the wonders of coffee and the spirits of whiskey. 
    O'Cullen, the original pre-made Irish coffee. 
    O'Cullen is a premade iced irish coffee product which is created with coffee, whiskey, granulated sugar and is traditionally topped with whipped cream. This product has never been created before so it was a challenge to find a design that fit the criteria of both a coffee product, as well as a liquor product. The idea behind O'Cullen is that irish coffee always takes so much time to make but with my product, it's premade and ready for the celebration to begin. It comes in a bottle as well as in a four pack so you can have it on the go.