MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2016

  • Custom Ride. Maple, Walnut, Mahogany
    This fully functional longboard/skatboard highlights the beauty in the construction and materials used to make a skateboard or longboard.
  • Valuable. Walnut, 32 of my most valued valuless items.
    Sealed inside this box are items that have alot of meaning and sentiment to me that have almost no monitary value. My goal is to be able to impose the value that I have placed on the objects onto others by keeping the items hidden inside of a sealed case.  
  • Mixer Machene. Ceramic. 11.5" diameter x 6.5" depth
  • Internal Self Portrait. Charcoal on paper. 4'x4'.
    This is a representation of my general direction, thought process, emotions, and experence in life at the time that the piece was created.   
  • Climbing wall. Cast aluminum 
    This installation is fully functional and brings the dangers, difficulty and thrill of climbing in a gallery setting. It also highlights the beauty in the act of climbing.
  • Peanut Box. Mahogany, Red Oak, Walnut, nails, magnets.
    This is an ornate, protective box for a single packing peanut. 
  • Off The Grid. ready made light swich and outlet, trees in a city.
    This installation is intended to make the viewer think about where and how we generate electricity and the impact that that has on the enviornment.
  • Chopsticks. various types of hardwood.
    This is a continuing study of hand carved chopsticks.
  • Big Red. Ink, pigment stick, charcoal, chalk pastel. 4'x5' 10" 
    I started this piece with one goal; to make a good drawing. 
  • Table or Chair. Wood, bolts, screws.
    Built to be the multitool of lawn/deck furniture.