2016 MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • From the Beach to the City: Still Life Landscape
    Size: 1.5'x6'
    Created: 11/18/15
  • Still Life Version of Caravaggio's "The Cardsharps"  
    Size: 18"x24"
    Created: 9/23/15
  • Still Life: New, Blue Shoes
    Size: 16"x18"
    Created: 10/28/15
  • Cardboard Construction: Dual Table and Hanging Artwork
    Created: 10/13/15
  • Slipping Away Series
    Size: 6"x20" each
    Created: 12/2/15
  • Left and Right Hands Drawing Series
    Size: 9.5"x12" each
    Created: 12/2/15
  • Band Poster for Dir En Grey
    Size: 11"x17"
    Created: 12/14/15
  • "Knelt For It": Kate Greenaway's "A Apple Pie" modern adaptation
    Size: 14"x20"
    Created: 11/9/15 
  • Cacophony
    Size: 3'x4'
    Created: 12/16/15
  • Balto-Hero: Peace vs. The Gunman
    Size: 13"x13"
    Created: 10/26/15