Competitive Scholarship 2016

  • Lemonworld, 2015
    Materials: paper, marker, gouache
  • Refuge, 2015
    Materials: wood, cardboard, paper

  • Stairspace, 2015 installation
    Collaboration with Yasmine Mzayek
    The fabric and lights pulsate together, "breathing," while the sound of wood chimes fills the space.
    Materials: Processing, Arduino, wood, LEDs, string, wire, fabric, PVC, pillows
  • Shut Up, Jason reacting to sound, 2015 installation
    A camera tracks viewers while a microphone hears them, drawing shapes and lines between them and constantly reacting to what it perceives.
    Materials: Processing, camera, microphone, projector
  • Still from Shut Up, Jason, 2015 installation
  • Selfie, 2015 performance
  • Still from Selfie, 2015
    Materials: ink, whiteboard, body