MICA competitive scholarship 2016

  • Title: Guts
    Medium: Oil on canvas
    Size: 36" X 36"
  • Title: Seeing a Grand
    Medium: Mixed
    Size: 36" X 36"
  • Detail of "Seeing A Grand"
    Title: Blueprinted
    Medium: Charcoal, oil, found sheet music
    Size: 36" X 12"
  • Title: A Technicians Desk
    Medium: Photo
  • Title: Procession of Action
    Medium: Sculpture
    Size: 36" X 8"
  • Title: Finding Your Extension
    Medium: Oil Paint on multiple canvases
    Size: 36" X 48"
    Medium: Photo
  • Title: Found and Before restoration (A before shot of my restored piano)
    Medium: Found object
  • Title: Restored piano 
    Medium: Found piano, completley restored to like new, inside and out by hand