• bandtype was born out of the project brief at Maryland Institute College of Art where students were supposed to create one piece from a series every day for a given amount of time. I chose to hand-letter the names of some of the bands I listen to; some of them have actually influenced me immensely. The process involved creating a lettering piece at any scale, which would then be scanned and refined digitally. Since the pieces are experiments in lettering, they don’t always communicate the sound or the musical style of the band.
    The project was guided by Jennifer Cole Phillips and Jason Matthews Gottlieb.
    Here's a few sketches
    I have launched an instagram account related to this project where I will be uploading similar work that combines type and music. If you have a piece that you would like to submit, you can tag @bandtype or #bandtype via instagram. I'll review and feature them if they're high quality. I promise! Also, if you could spread a word about the account, that would be awesome!
  • thank you