A world where the realms of pixel and chiptune
    existed together peacefully. That was, until the 
    evil LORD NANOZ set out to take overboth realms 
    for his own gain. Commanding his swarms of 
    NANOBITZ, he is unstoppable. But one lone hero 
    fights against LORD NANOZ. Embued with the 
    power of both pixel and chiptune, he knows that he’s 
    the only thing that could possibly stop 
    LORD NANOZ. He is...
    and he’s taking the CHIPTUNIVERSE back.
    Bit, By Bit. 
    BIT BY BIT is a collaborative project between myself and Cory Swope. It is an informational guide booklet to the world of pixel art and chiptune music. 
    The booklet itself is double-sided with two covers, one side titled BIT BY BIT Pixel Art and the other BIT BY BIT Chiptune, written by myself and Cory respectively. The idea being that the user could read one side entirely, then when they reached the middle, they would be prompted by a page to flip the book over and start reading the other side.
    Also included with the booklet, is a special USB drive loaded with a BIT BY BIT album with chiptune music composed by Cory Swope himself (Download link / bandcamp page below!). Encased in an actual Game Boy cartridge and featuring custom labeling with pixel art by yours truly, it serves as a tribute to the games we both grew up playing.
    The booklet and USB drive are packaged inside a deluxe window box inspired by our mutual love of collectible action figures.
    It features a backstory to BIT BY BIT's mascot character, Pierce Pixel, a window to view the booklet inside, and an insert for the USB drive with a track listing of the songs included on it.
    As a bonus item included with the set, I created an action figure of Pierce Pixel, BIT BY BIT's mascot. Created from a bootleg G.I. Joe action figure, I completely repainted it and sculpted new features such as his electric blue mohawk, his "Shades of Strength™" and his signature "Keytar Kannon™" .
    All pixel art by Tristan Campos
    All illustration by Cory Swope
    All design, layout and packaging by Tristan Campos & Cory Swope
    All music by Cory Swope
    Action figure by Tristan Campos
    Samples of Cory Swope's work can be found here: behance.net/CoryCurlySwope
    bandcamp: bitbybit2.bandcamp.com
  • BIT BY BIT album included on the USB Drive, featured here for your listening pleasure. FREE DOWNLOAD.
  • Box, Booklet and USB drive.
  • Box, Front.
  • Box, Interior.
  • Box, Rear.
  • Booklet, Pixel Art.
  • Booklet, Chiptune.
  • USB Drive.
  • Pierce Pixel Action Figure + Packaging, Front.
  • Pierce Pixel Action Figure + Packaging, Rear.
  • Pierce Pixel Action Figure.
  • Chiptune Cover.
  • Pixel Cover.