PHOTOGRAPHY Idol - Stereotypes In Advertising

  • Selection of IDOL, Bachelor Work, 2015
    This work is about idols. Everyday advertising gives us idols, and shows us how to be and how to behave as men and women. These photographs show different women and men of all ages posing in the same way as in the idol advertisements. Lightning and style are also simulated. But no retouching is used to alter the body. The focus is on underwear advertising to keep it minimal and raw. Advertising never gets intimate, even if the model is wearing barely anything. Unlike the picture in the advertisement, these pictures turn into a portrait, where the real essence, intimacy, and uniqueness of a person is shown. The rearrangement of typical female and male poses loosens the borders of stereotypes for men and women. By posing in different ways one can change the whole appearance of a person.
    © Sonja Lesinski