• Chapter 1 : Confusion
    From the Nothingness prodigies Rise to Bury Monsters , In The Nothingness Monsters are born :
    Hanging in the air , I had no doubt I was flying
    No I wasn’t ! there was a blur in front of my eyes , was it a fluid or my weak vision is reaching its limits , It’s the Prestige of Death I wasn’t alive I was dying
    There was no voice only the Silence I heard   , and then witnessing the death of Flowers made me realize this itch in my middle was real It’s the Hunger for every Humane feeling
    Chapter 2 : flashback
    What are memories if we can’t create any !
    Beginnings I don’t remember any , It’s only half empty portraits Covering walls of my room
    Once there was people I loved , Oh here they was !  at my door they knew I’m solicitous about their demise , I understood I was hallucinating but is that blood over their Hands ? !
    Chapter 3 :
    Wrath :
    Legally killers are not held accountable  for their crimes If they are under the effect of Drugs ! You don’t get to blame me for my actions ,In a world where human-wills are objects to be discussed
    Out of nowhere to nowhere overwhelming rage started to twist my spine  like a flood of mud burying this rotten dead body of an animal
    nd I only thought: for years I was afraid of death ,a coward who chickens to confront ,Only digging more holes to hide in , Too weak to look my tormentors in the eye …
    But as the cracks superficially grew wider It created a loophole an exit for a greater evil which over time inhaled the fumes of my reek wounds , and fed over my misery
    And like a dormant volcano that is destined to erupt I rise
    Not as myself but in the form of this sinister idea whispering to my cells they’ve lived long enough in the fear of Death and Pain now it’s the time to create them as doom and torment represent the purest formula of Power .
    Standing on the bodies of my enemies their Cries wash some their sins on this earth , far screams created a dancing shadows in front of my eyes and drips of silver light of the moon turning the red of blood to black played a melancholy ..
    What is this ?! I fought too hard to lose yet I’m not a winner !
    Chapter 4 :
    Chapter 4 :
    Moon of my own :
    Exhaustion gagged my brain , Long ago I recall excavating my heart searching for something , was that inner peace or it was just messing with a useless toy to kill the time , I used to believe mercy is the root of all happiness … Oh happiness that’s it I looked for happiness why did I stop ?
    Was I strong that I didn’t need to be merciful or I was just too fragile to endure
    How come when those who defied me were just thrown to the abyss of the dead and forgotten just beneath my feet
    And it sparked and it fucking burnt my mouth while I loudly said the words
    I was never what I imagined I prayed for god to make people love while I loathed the fact that I’m too coward to love or hate up till now I barely was alive , that is why Death satisfied my needs while it’s the nearest to my existence
    The most primary instinct to live , bewailed those pathetic urges to die
    I bend my neck to the mud of earth while the light of moon could’ve enlightened the liquid sickness in my veins
    Chapter 5 :
    Revelation :
    Outstanding pressure squeezed me to myself and the reflection of the darkness around me ,therefore I hurt myself , I unchained the mad half inside for being sane hurt even more .
    To dream I’ve to close my eyes , No endings no closure , if you looked in my story for relief for solution for messiah I might’ve found , Maybe at another chapter !
    Last word :
    i'm my own demon i'm the monster in my dreams
    i'm the sadist who enjoys my screams
    i'm my worst enemy , i'm the circumstances putting me in misery
    i'm the depression and aggression filling my head
    i'm the deception and premonitions that keeps my blood being shed
    By me
    i'm the shadow in the black ,i'm an assassin stabbing my back
    i'm hound that wakes me up in the night ,i'm the floor i slip on and lose fights
    i'm the dark stone blocking my room's light , i'm the nail in my eyes keeping me blind
    i'm the fork in my foot and the robe which i'm with gagged
    i'm the atmosphere of despair i'm drowning in
    i'm the poison in your tongues , i'm the lord inviting the hangman in
    i'm the lash on my skin , i'm my greatest sin
    i'm my death and my pain and my fall
    i'm the stress of the chains pushing me to crawl
    i'm my haters and my slayers and my disease
    i'm the hammer that shatters my bone layers with unease
    i'm all
    I’m you .