• Adulting
    Every twenty-something year old (myself included) wants to complain about adulthood—not being prepared enough and not having their life together only 1/4 of the way into it. For this project, I wanted to design a how-to in an unconventional way. I wanted something I could relate to and easily revisit after completion to use for my own benefit.

    My goal was to use an unfamiliar medium and approach the problem in a realistic way. Millennials tend to go straight to the internet anyway, so using JavaScript, I designed and coded a website that every day of the year, introduces a new “adulting” tip, trick, or tutorial, linking to an external source for the viewer to read, watch, and learn. Essentially, if you refer back to this website everyday for a year—or even better, make it your browser’s homepage—you’ll undoubtedly find yourself struggling less and less when faced with the typical tasks of adulthood.