• About Museum of Satire 

    I developed the concept and created a flexible identity system for the fictional Museum of Satire. Located in Washington DC, The Museum of Satire engages visitors in the rich history and practice of satire from around the world. The museum promotes critical reading skills among its visitors through the use of satire to expose the humorous foibles of individuals, corporations, governments, and society itself. The identity system builds on the museum’s mission statement by mocking itself throughout different applications.

  • Anagram Logos

    The museum’s logo can be rearranged to form nonsensical anagrams that appear throughout the identity’s application.
  • Tickets

    Tickets allow visitors to tear a work of art from the collection in half.
  • Posters

    The angular brushstroke of a cartoonist’s nib pen is used as a recurring motif and to tightly crop images.
  • Donor Wall

    Visitors to the museum are also encouraged to create incisive drawings and commentary on the museum’s walls and products.