• Instafood is a concept for a 3D food printer that will revolutionize the dining experience in the future. It will maximize our sensory experience, improve our health and nutrition, reduce food waste, and inspire creative and efficient cooking. The project includes a motion graphic piece, 3 full-color 3D printed models, an essay and an exhibition.

  • If you cannot access Vimeo, please watch it here
  • — Selected frames —

  • — Character Design —

  • — View from exhibition —

  • — Project Process Book—
  • Please visit Instafood Website for more information

  • Special Thanks to

    Ellen Lupton
    Jennifer Cole Phillips
    Jason Gottlieb
    Class GD MFA 2016​​​​​​​
    Abbott Miller
    Jeremy Hoffman
    David Barringer
    Andrew Losowsky 
    Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson
    My parents