The Grad School J. Peterman Catalog

  • As a student I move apartments rather frequently. In undergrad I moved back an forth from my parents house twice every year until I graduated. Grad school is no different. 
    If you have moved recently you will know that even if you don’t think you have a lot of stuff, you do. There are lots of little pieces of your life that you have been carrying around for who-knows-how long and more than once I'm sure you will ask yourself, "Why do I still have this?"
    I only had a small apartment with a car-full of things, but I still was doing that alot. Most of the things that weren't trash I donated, but some of the things I knew I could probably sell and earn a bit of grocery (or beer) money.
    This was my solution:
    Inspired by the J. Peterman Catalog (yes, that J. Peterman) I decided to write novel stories about the items I was selling, and post them on my school's Free & For Sale Facebook Page.
    Here are a few examples of the things I was able to sell.
    This project was created from a prompt which asked us to choose a skill we wanted to work on and design a project where we could create one thing per day for a week.
    I wanted to work on copywriting and storytelling since both are important when designing compelling work. I also learned a lot about my school, and my girlfriend. She was reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up at the time.
    Thank you to Jennifer Cole Phillips for introducing me to J. Peterman, and of course to 
    J. Peterman for seamlessly interweaving storytelling and design in your company and products.