Ghost Museum Branding

  • The (Imaginary)
    Ghost Museum: London
    Setting a new standard for museums by embracing the digital age, the Ghost Museum in London is a high-tech take on a historical subject. Their mission: to encourage presence of mind and presence of spirits.

    Visual identity created for the Maryland Institute College of Art - Graphic Design MFA's "Imaginary Museum" branding project, 2016.

  • _____________
    The mark is inspired by the superstition that spirits can reach us through technology, as in static or electronic glitches. The lines from this "glitch" are repeated as a motif throughout the brand's collateral.

  • London's Ghost Museum: It's Only Supernatural.
  • Process & Experiments
    Original images from historic sites in London and Baltimore are modified using Processing and data bending to force intentional errors in the image source code. These various 'glitched' images are then layered to create a visual language cohesive with the brand's logo.