Pattern Play / Senior Thesis

  •    From left to right (top): Pizza Time! wall clock, Donut be Jelly, Get to the Point,
      (bottom) Chill Out, Pigs in a Blanket, Lobster Claus, Chicken Butt, Trap Queen.
  •   Pizza Time! wall clock on Small Fry
  •   Small Fry & Beefy floor cushions, assorted Melons and Peach Butts pillows, Rollin' in the Dough pillow
  •   Walking on Eggshells rug
  •   Beach Bums pillow
  •   Beach Bums, Kids Being Kids, Gnome Place like Home pillows, & Don't be a Prick footstool
  •   Melons (Watermelon)
  •   Melons (Cantaloupe)
  •   Melons (Honeydew)
  •   Peach Butts (Juicy, Hearts, & Thong)
  •   Pattern Play Lookbook