E.E.U.U: An Infographic Book

  • E.E.U.U. (the acronym equivalent of USA, but in Spanish) is an infographic book I have compiled providing statistical information as well as commentary about the Hispanic/Latinx population in the United States. Especially given the surrounding talk regarding immigration and building “yuge” walls, I thought it would be an ideal time to bring to light some facts and trends about the Hispanic/Latinx population of the US in order to demonstrate the depth and complexity of our community. 
    As a Hispanic/Latinx person myself, I have personally experienced the struggle to find my own place within the community, especially given the severe lack of accurate representation, and the struggle to find data regarding various aspects of our community. The shortage of reliable information has caused many of us to distance ourselves in order to survive. It is my hope that this book will not only serve as a learning resource for those who feel less than well informed about the Hispanic/Latinx population of the US, but also as a resource for members of the community to look to when thinking about their own identity.
    My role in the composition of this book is mostly as a gatherer and designer. Most of the content reproduced within this book is borrowed from studies and reports found through diligent research, the sources of which can be found at the end of the book, arranged by chapter and subheading. 
  • Mock-up of EEUU Book Cover & Spread
  • JPEG Rendering of Page 11 from EEUU
  • JPEG Rendering of Chapter Title Page
  • JPEG Rendering of page 21 from EEUU
  • JPEG rendering of Religion spread
  • JPEG rendering of page 39 from EEUU