Behold - An Interactive Experience

  • The human brain contains a small yet significant circuit of cells known as mirror neurons. These neurons make us reflect actions that we see others perform, and then experience the feelings associated with those actions. We experience unhappiness as a direct result of insecurity or dissatisfaction; and such emotions bundled together cause a circle of violence.
    The solution lies in propagating feelings of security, contentment, and happiness.
    Behold is an interactive audio-visual experience that activates the viewer’s mirror neurons by engaging them with a dramatised reflection of themselves and generates a rush of confidence and happiness. The audio component, filled with positive affirmations helps reinforce these feelings.
    This small experiment hopes to trigger a chain of random positive pay-it-forward acts that could be a small step towards making the world a better place.
  • The set-up
  • The experience
  • Takeaways