Love Capacity

  • We all have the capacity to give love and recieve love, and as The Beatles said, "the love you take is equal to the love you make". However, within us all is the potential to use love and disrupt this balance.
    A few of these pieces are representations of mine or anyone’s potential for manipulation, sexual or psychological, and my potential for dominance in my relationship as a woman. The potential for manipulation and trickery exists in both partners, however, it does not have to be reality if both choose to not let it become one. With Captivation, Decapitation I give a nod to the myth of Judith and Holofernes, holding my partner's decapitated head to symbolize my potential to take advantage of him, though through my facial expression and his expression I imply a sense of equality and mutual affection in the reality of our relationship. In Love Suffocating Itself with Its Own Side-Effects I explore how the by-products of love, such as jealosy, frustration, and dependency (in excess), can incidentally and ironically jeopardize healthy relationship dynamics. Also woven into these dialogues are questions involving identity, gender roles, sexuality, self-love, and mutual dependency. 
    Deconstructing the relationship dynamics I have with my partner and how I rationalize these behaviors has helped me to understand how my changing sense of self-respect as a woman has informed the state of my relationship. The following is a projection of the journey I've embarked on to understand my relationship dynamics, along with how I love and want to be loved by myself and others.
    Sidenote: two of these pieces were censored in order to make this series accessible to non-Behance viewers. If I had a choice I would not have censored them.
  • Reunion
    10" x 36", charcoal on paper
    January 2016
  • --------------------
  • My Capacity for Love
    25" x 19", charcoal pencil on toned paper
    March 2016
  • My Love, Deconstructed
    30" x 22", charcoal on paper
    March 2016
  • --------------------
  • Captivation, Decapitation
    24" x 20", oil & acrylic on canvas
    February 2016
  • --------------------
  • Love Suffocating Itself with Its Own Side-Effects
    30" x 36", acrylic on canvas
    April 2016