36 Days of Type • Experiments with Dimension and Style

    3 6  D A Y S  O F  T Y P E
    Experiments with Style & Dimension
    My very first journey with 36 days of Type was completed in 72 days.
    The goal was to explore the power and possibilities of the 4 dimensions that Cinema 4D allowed me to play around with; learning everyday, creating new stuff, and - unlike how a design series is normally treated - never stylistically repeating myself.

    I did this as a fun way to learn something new, something that motivated me to go beyond tutorials and push myself to the next level.
    View the series on my Instagram.
    I owe much of this to the brilliance of Greyscale Gorilla.
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  • In Detail
    Fun fact: the captions were all thought up after the letter was and somehow (usually) conceptually managed to fit more or less perfectly
  • A Gold Fish Bowl • Beastly
  • Now you C me now you don't • Dots dispelling darkness to spell a distorted D
  • Emerging Excitedly from the Explosion • Fluidity & Fixation
  • Glittering Glass • Hypothetically Handdrawn
  • Shifty Eyed • Jazzy Jack
  • Klaustrophobic • Let there be Luminous LED light
  • Movement in the Moment • Noise to Nothingness
  • Optical Illusions • Particulate Pixels being Peculiarly Particular
  • A Very Long Queueue • Reflective Rocks Rendering
  • Shadows of sphere and spline on the surface of a shallow sea separating • A Toxic Treatment Plant
  • U’ve changed • We are very Violent
  • Wiry Wings Waving • Exchanging the Extremes of the Extrusion
  • Why, Why, Why • Graze
  • Zeroing in (Inspired by Ion Lucin's Spherikal) • One by One
  • A failed experiment two many • Mini Machin3s (Inspired by pixego)
  • F4NCY (Inspired by Anthony Zazzi) • Ro5ating Re5lections
  • 6ee-through • C7ean
  • F8cus • The en9 (Inspired by Andrew Key)
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