'We Are Square People' magazine

  • We Are Square People is a magazine about different users of Instagram. It was amusing to see how people showcase their lifestyles and interests so differently from each other through social media.
    There're 27 different Instagram users in the magazine. On each person's spread, there're 4 Instagram posts that the person picked by himself or herself that represent his or her Instagram's personality the best. People were asked a few questions regarding their Instagram page.
    Also, they were given a different prompt for a photo-taking activity. They were asked to take a picture in different situations. After they completed the task, they were asked a different set of questions regarding how they completed the task. For instance, I asked about if they used any hashtags, what they wrote about the photo, if they edited their photo or not, and if they did, what kinds of photo-editing apps they used and also asked about their thought process behind the photo.