• Solitary Man, The Giant Pongo

    "We stopped to sleep at dusk. The night was especially odd. It was darker than usual; there was no moon and the silence was almost palpable. The strange smell was still surrounding us, stronger than ever. I started to feel it inside my body. My eyes were struggling to be open. My arms and legs felt numb and before I noticed I was not able to move. A strong sound rumbled the jungle. I wanted to see what it was but I was paralyzed. A few minutes later, something big fell gracefully just beside me. I did a blurry glance at what was coming toward me. The last thing I remember was a giant human hand covering my face."

    Clement Van Burden diaries. 

    "Orangutans are an older form of humans who, wisely, refuse to speak and show their intelligence, for fear that humans would put them to work."        

    -Malaysian proverb-
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