User Experience Redesign: Pizza Project

  • User Experience Redesign: Pizza Project
    Mentor: Renda Morton from The New York Times

    The goal of this project is to use a user centered design process to redesign the pizza ordering experience.
    As a team, Connor Davenport and I worked together to improve the online ordering process of ‘Domino’s pizza builder’.

    We distributed the final delivarables between us as follow:
    My deliverables: 1. Pizza Button 2. Domino’s pizza builder for mobile 
    Connor's deliverables (not shown): 1. Pizza tracker’s push notifications 2. Domino’s pizza builder for desktop 
    /final deliverable 01
  • Customers' goal is to order pizza. With Pizza Now, the steps taken to order pizza are shortened: the app directs the customers to a short review order page, with information linked to the customers' pizza profile. The customers can instantly order the pizza to selected location.
    /final deliverable 02
  • Updated features:
    1. Customize numbers of slices
    2. Customize toppings by slices
    3. Live Price update
    4. Start Over Button

    invision prototype: iPhone 6 Prototype
  • DESKTOP VERSION by Connor Davenport
  • PRELIMINARY SKETCHES for Mobile Version

    Ordering Process Documentation
    The project began with Connor and I ordering pizza from Domino’s website. We documented steps it took, our feelings, and pain points that occured, starting from building our own pizza to the eating experience.
  • Pain Points and Solutions
    Connor and I analyzed the pain points from the pizza ordering experience, and brainstormed solutions that would solve them. Then, we decided to do rough wireframes on the ones with red dots in order to pinpoint our final redesign directions.
  • GPS Locator: With a button that allows Domino’s to use a GPS locator, we do not have to manually type in our location.
    Customize Toppings by Slices: As part of the cuztomization pages, the toppings can be customized by slices using the new featuer: a slice picker. From our mentor Renda’s suggestions, we decided to merge all solutions that deal with pizza’s cutomization together, which can be seen in the finalized Domino’s pizza builder.
  • Pizza Buttons: For a quicker ordering process, we were inspired by the Amazon Dash Button, and came up with a special Domino’s pizza button, either a physical one (Pizza Button #1), or as an extra app (Pizza Button #2). When pressed, our favorite pizza is ordered instantly.
    From Renda’s suggestion, we chose Pizza Button #2 to work with. This was because the physical pizza button had flaws: ‘what if the button is accidentally pressed hundred times?’ or ‘If it costs money, then who would buy it?’