• Socialism Is...
    Socialism is... is a campaign that consists of a fully responsive website, posters, and an exhibition. The visual imagery pays homage to designer Lester Beall, who created the famed Rural Electrification Administration posters, examples that use design to successfully interpret complex subjects to a wide audience.
    View the live web component at socialism.is.
  • Four posters were created to showcase the main points of the campaign: Socialism is Freedom, Fairness, Democratic and American. The designs were derived from the homepage of the website and are consistent with the campaign's design identity.
  • The web component of Socialism is... is fully resposive and usable on most modern devices. Large text size makes the information less intimidating for readers of all ages and backgrounds. The site utilizies Javascript to create elegant transitions and animations that allow for an engaging and fun user experience.
  • The goal of Socialism is… is to shift the the way Americans think about Socialism. Many things that make this country what it is—Social Security, Public Schools, Highways—are all, by definition, Socialist entities. Socialism is... utilizes familiar imagery, a cheerful color palette, and accessible language to help Americans realize that Socialism isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s something that we already experience and appreciate.