• Looks can be deceiving.
    Inspired by the “mirror stage” theory of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, the image a person sees when in front of a mirror might not be the actual reflection of the individual.
    We could never be entirely sure that the images reflected at us are truly ourselves, and how we really look.
    To investigate the image of my true self, I created three self-portraits without using a mirror (each one was made on different days). Drawing with paint, I started making blind contour drawings of my face by feeling my facial features and determining the forms of my face through touch. Next, I painted different sections of my face with colors and textures similar to those of certain objects and temperatures that I was reminded of. For example, my cheek one day would remind me of a lime, and so I would paint that part depicting the texture and colors of a lime.
    In conclusion, I found it interesting how each self-portrait turned out differently and how there isn’t one definite image of myself.