Google Allo Sticker: Drama Llama

  • The lovely people from Anyways has commissioned me to create a set of 24 stickers for the new messaging APP Google Allo. The theme I got is Over the top cuteness, which asked me to create one or more super cute characters with a strong personality that people can easily relate to emotionally. 

    Among many different proposals, Drama Llama became the final winner! Drama Llama is a silly yet friendly, cute yet crazy llama. It is a drama queen as well as party animal!  It also LOVES peanut butter and carrots, but HATES working out because it is very lazy and secretly happy about its body shape. If you want to know more about Drama Llama, simply download the sticker from your Google Allo APP, and you can hang out with it everyday !!! :D
  • Second choices for the set icon
  • Full view of the entire collection
  • Inside of the Google Allo APP
  • bashful hello
  • busy
  • tired  / sleep
  • that's so funny
  • boiling hot
  • really mad
  • so sad
  • Over the top excited
  • under the weather
  • pretty please
  • let's party!
  • awestruck / happy cry
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