• Portraits "SHE" series
     by artist Anita Yan Wong
  • “I paint flowers so they will not die.” ― Frida Kahlo
  • note: all images are copyrighted ©anitayanwong
  • ONE: "The thinker"
  • TWO: "In the mood for love" series
  • THREE: "lady with the white dress"
  • FOUR: "In the mood for love" series 
  • FIVE: "Blue"
  • SIX: "Smoke"
  • SEVEN: "A Chinese Opera Dancer"
  • NINE: "Confetti" 
  • TEN: "Girl with the silver headband"
  • ELEVEN: "Dancing lights"
  • TWELVE: "Thinking of you"
  • 13) "Girl with the green ribbon"
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  • Please note that all images are copyrighted © anita yan wong