Confidential Coffee Shop

  • Coffee shops have been part of the fabric of our society for so long. I consider it a social venue because spending time is a coffee shop becomes something of a treat. People are now visiting coffee shops where they might previously have consumed instant coffee at home or in the workplace. When standing in line, we sometimes make conversation with the person beside us. Talking to strangers in a coffee shop feels safe and often can turn around our day. There’s a sense of connectedness that is more likely to happen when you’re at a coffee shop. This makes it a attraction for those who work from home and feel separated from the human experience at times. I want to push further that connection by making a coffee shop that asks customers to trade their secret or stories with another person. I want to make a pop-up shop that challenge coffee shop experience with the most unpredictable messages they receive from each other person. Also, to recreate the feeling of an 18th-century coffee house, encouraging debate and free thinking. For a cup of coffee you buy, you giving away your secret and in return you also receive someone’s secret. 
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