Paper Sculptures: "Gathering of the famous"

  • Paper sculptures inspired by Pablo Picasso 
  • "There have always been strong undeniable connections between politics and art, especially in those moments in history when politics becomes the center of public interests. By being extremely sensitive to all kinds of changes, artists transform the anxiety and tension in society into poignant and meditative art works. The impact of shared public emotions is definitely discernible in moments such as these, moments of high tension and anxiety, such as the American public is experiencing in anticipation of their presidential elections, taking place on November 8, 2016. Prof. Anita Yan Wong (international artist, educator and thinker), answers our 10 question interview with reflections on her artistic drive, and an artistic life well-lived." 
    – Anna Savitskaya, ArtDEPENDENCE Magazine

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  • These paper sculptures are inspired by Pablo Picasso's period of distorted depictions. 
    Using paper like clay, the artist delicately crumble the paper to form a desired 3D shape. By using the portrait of the famous, these paper sculptures silently questions our "ways of seeing". It requires us to view the same familiar faces in a whole new way. 
    Do we see these familiar faces differently? Is our knowledge toward these strangely familiar faces paper thin? Are these Art or paper waste? 
    Both subject and visuals contains the meaning of casualty but all elements like lighting, form, shape and lines are carefully staged by the artist. 
    These faces silently questions "truth" & "ways of seeing".
    Are we seeing the whole picture or are we seeing what the artist want us to see?
    The beautiful forms and distorted depictions catches the eye and cause us to second guess our vision, the meaning of the image is changed by this simple action. 
  • Paper sculpture one: "The young Pablo"
  • Paper sculpture two: "The old Pablo"
  • Paper sculpture three: "Girl with the pearl earring"
  • Paper sculpture four: "The Scream"
  • Paper sculpture five: "Red Wave"
  • Paper sculpture six: "Trump"
  • Paper sculpture seven: "Hillary"
  • Paper sculptures: "A gathering of the famous"
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