• Ugly Faces
    Ignorance is Bliss  - Thomas Gray -

    One of this faces could be the face of somebody walking by your side. This can be his portrait.
    This are the faces of the people who do not help; the ones that are selfish or chose not to see other's problems.
    This is how the world see them, how they look like.

  • Some people are lucky.
    For no reason they were born with opportunities. They had a place to sleep and always something to eat. They have education and access to health. It is not their fault but they often forget that they never deserved it, they just got it.

    This are the faces of people that even knowing that there are others working as a slaves doing clothes, they still buy those clothes. That despite having a functioning cellphone, they still want to buy a new one. They also waste food, regardless other's necessities. They think the environment is an inexhaustible source of resources. They live in this world choosing to ignore its problems to keep living in a bubble. This are they faces when they decide not to help. 
  • Are you one of this faces?

  • Many times our simplest daily decisions can change greatly other's life.