Lenny Letter — Editorial Illustrations

  •  Illustrations for Lenny Letter
  • These are some of the illustrations I've been lucky enough to create for Lenny Letter for several of their issues from 2015-2017.
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    AD: Laia Garcia and Molly Elizalde
  • Lenny Letter No. 112  "Her, Too: My Mother, and the Legacy of Abuse" by Joy Bryant
  • Lenny Letter No. 103  "You Think You White" by Maisy Card

  • Lenny Letter No. 99  "The System Failed My Cousin" by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

  • Lenny Letter No. 88  "Flying Solo" by Brooke Barker
  • Lenny Letter No. 79  "Bonus Moms" by Gillian Jacobs
  • Lenny Letter No. 70  "Brave" by Amy Silverman 
  • Lenny Letter No. 60  "Transforming Pain Into Power" by Ai-jen Poo 

  • Lenny Letter No. 56  "The Ephemerides" by Laia Garcia and Letter No. 41 "The Freedom of a Ponytail" by Keah Brown
  • Lenny Letter No. 33  "In Sickness, Health, and Bangs" by Caroline Kepnes
  • Lenny Letter No. 13. Fiction Winter Issue 2015.  "Hidden Bodies; Chapter 7" by Caroline Kepnes, "The Missing Guest" by Alice Sola Kim &  "Housekeeping!" by Helen Ellis.