Flesh Machine

  • “We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves in order to exist in this new environment.” – The Human Use of Human Beings.
    Technology and mechanization have taken over the way we function to the extent that its ethos has fundamentally permeated how we experience our world and ourselves. We cannot imagine nor have we ever experienced a life void of machines. Thus we cannot begin to recognize the vast effects that machines have had on human behavior. As unsettling as it might be, we are incapable of any first hand perception of natural human existence devoid of machine influence. Thus the only way to determine how human behavior has evolved is to work backwards — to closely observe interactions between humans and machines in search of correlation and mimicry.
    Flesh Machines explores the relationship of man and machine within the context of the gym. Fitness centers, after all, are essentially environments populated by machines specifically designed to dictate human behavior. Flesh Machines function as the next inevitable step in the industrial revolution; machines were first invented to alleviate man of preforming physical labor, fitness centers were founded to cure the idle man of his predicament after he was replaced by machines, and Flesh Machines acts to replace man once again.