MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2016/17

  • "Who Lives in The Woods? Illuminated Flip Book"
    Vellum, white ink, linen binding, and LED light. 
    9x6x3 in.
    Fall 2016.
  • "Animals: Tall and Small, Illuminated Fan Book"
    Balsa wood, transparency, mixed media papers, and LED light.
    9x6x4 in.
    Fall 2016 
  • "Ring Around the Sun, Illuminated Rotating Tower"
    Wood, plastic, transparency, PVC tube, and LED light.
    24x12x12 in.
    Fall 2016. 
  • "Universe in Perspective"
    100 3x5 notecards, charcoal, and string. 
    4x7 ft. 
    Spring 2016 

  • "Vulpes Vulpes Educational Chart"
    Watercolor, Prismacolor, and ink on BFK reeves. 
    30x40 in.
    Fall 2016 
  • "Endangered"
    Plastics, mixed media paper, wire, clay, and ink.
    3x2 ft. installation
    Spring 2016.
  • "Queen Bee"
    Vellum, mylar, ink, and pencil.
    3x3 ft. 
    Spring 2016 
  • "Uprooted"
    Plaster, wire, tree stump.
    3x1 ft. 
    Spring 2016
  • "Gravity and Tension"
    Mixed woods, cork, brass weights, water in jar. 
    12x12x12 in.
    Spring 2016.
  • "Light and Shadow"
    Paper layered, LED light, wood.
    8.5x11x8.5 in.
    Spring 2016.