"Preserved" 3D Rice paper paintings

  • "Earth breathes flowers, so that it could take our breath away." – Anita Yan Wong
  • Title: "Preserved" 
    Medium: Rice paper painting in 3D shadow box

    Title: "Preserved" 
    Medium: Rice paper painting

    "A broken butterfly wing, a bunch of fallen leaves on the path way, a cicadas shell on a tree, some strangely grown twigs and pressed flower bookmarks from my childhood friend: I find these preserved objects beautiful and precious. I have preserved these strange finds from nature under glass with backgrounds of “Guo hua”, rice paper paintings, one of the oldest art form that honors Nature. They are given a second life and are frozen in time with new meanings under the glass, they tell stories of their existence and lives. 

    Rice paper painting along with Calligraphy was once a common practice among all Chinese is seen by some as a dying art form. As a Chinese American artist, I want to preserve it, cherish it and bring it to life with new ideas and creative thinkings. The title "Preserved" contains the meaning of preserving Nature as well as the traditional art form of "Guo hua", both fragile but beautiful, both need to be protected and preserved. 

    Please note: * All Insects were gifts, finds or purchases from stores that supports cruelty free Insect and butterfly farms, they all lived in their habitat for a full life cycle before being preserved into another beautiful form.*

  • "Preserved One": "Orange maple tree"
  • I collected these leaves from a Japanese Maple tree and pressed them with my heavy painting books.
  • "Preserved": Peony
  • A frozen moment of time preserved under glass...
  • "I discovered in nature the nonutilitarian delights that I sought in art. Both were a form of magic, both were games of intricate enchantment and deception." 
    – Vladimir Nabokov (Novelist and a reowned butterfly expert)
  • "Preserved Two": "Joy"

  • My current works are influenced by the vivid color, movement and brush works of Claude Monet.
    "The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration." – Claude Monet

  • " I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." – Claude Monet
  • " Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love." – Claude Monet
  • "Preserved Three": "A dance in spring"
  • The blue butterfly wings are gifts from friends when they travelled to Costa Rica. The others are from a cruelty free butterfly farm that helps rescue butterfly species in California. 
  • "Preserved Four": "Fly fly"
  • "Preserved Five": "Water lily pond"
  • A beautiful kingfisher and a black shimmering dragon fly. 
  • "Preserved": "Catch"
  • "Preserved Six": "Cicadas"
  • Cicadas shells, collection of a girl that lives close to a forest... I purchased a few shells from her. The shells captures the story of the cicadas as well as the girl that collects them.
  • Pressed flowers from childhood old book marks 
  • "Preserved Seven": "A dance with nature"
  • The color in nature is the most important lesson in color theory, its elements forms the most beautiful paintings
  • Flowers and leaves are preserved under glass.
  • "Preserved Seven": "Movement"
    Like a beautiful piece of music, the elements in nature dances in the wind. 
  • Like many artist throughout history, nature is where I find the most inspiring to my art. 
    Art, Nature and Science cannot be separated, the biggest creations in life often happens when we brought them together. Be inspired by Nature today and see where it leads you!
    Thank you for viewing! Have a beautiful day!
  • Little Surreal Box:
  • Titled: "Catching soul"

  • Titled: "The Pretender"
  • Please note that all images are copyrighted © anita yan wong