MICA 2017 Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • 2017 Competitive Scholarship Portfolio
    Julia Fletcher
    BFA Photography '19
  • Park Avenue Hall of Fame
    4" x 4" hardcover accordion book
    12 pages of the most unique apartments on Park Avenue 
  • Things Forgotten
    Digital photographs on Phototex
    A visual to-do list of every day routines that I often forget due to the repercussions of mental illness.

  • Transparent

    5" x 7" prints, 35mm black & white film
    Photographs treated with hand painted developer, leaving some parts of the photographs exposed, while the others remain unknown to the viewer. 
  • Oddity (1/7)
    Digital Photograph
    Shot and edited with a cinematic mindset and meticulous manipulation of the environment to create a euphoric atmosphere. 
  • Oops, Let's Play
    Digital Photograph
    Illusions of objects created with food.
  • Echoes of Nothing
    A collaboration with Devin Halladay
    LEDs, Stereo Sound (Durations vary), Electrical Wiring, Spandex
    Video documentation of Echoes of Nothing, an interactive installation piece that explores distortion of reality and consciousness through sound and light.