2017 MICA Competitive Scholarships

  • Arm Wrestling Music, 2016
    Light dependent resistors, Teensy, breadboard, wires, resistors, fabric, acrylic paint, clamp lights

    An exploration of transforming analog, human signals into digitised MIDI outputs. Utilizing light and shadow, the inputs generated by the participants were turned into live music, creating a playful relationship between the two people and technological curiosity.

  • Blue Room, 2016
    6" x 15" x 6"
    Foam core, paper, LEDs, Arduino, wires

    Blue Room is an installation that dissects the uncanny and unrest that the colour blue evokes. Programmed using an Arduino, the LEDs from the miniature diorama flicker with a random pace, creating unpredictability and an entrancing atmosphere.

  • Revisiting John Hajduk's Bye House, 2016
    20" x 10" x 8"
    Gouache on chipboard and cardboard

    An architectural study of John Hajduk's iconic Bye House in the Netherlands. Apart from creating a 1/8th scale model of the house, detailed plans over the course of a month were made to highlight the outstanding features of this ground-breaking building. 

  • Our House, 2016
    11" x 17" x 11"
    Basswood model on cardboard topography

    Based on a process of transforming cardboard iterations of form into basswood models, Our House is an exploration of coverings, exploring tensions between the concealed and hidden to portray solidity and vulnerability. Implementing a program of a cabin for two, this house becomes one of play in circulation and views, making it a dynamic space to live in.

  • Dial.AM, 2016
    5" x 7" x 3"
    Arduino, PLA, acrylic, wires, breadboard, speakers, LCD screen
    Done in collaboration with Anais Perez (MICA '19)

    Dial.AM is an exploration of language and discord in a contemporary landscape of familial displacement. Recordings of both artists' phone calls with their parents are put in this device that attempts store and ground the conversations in something familiar yet unfamiliar. While listening to the dissonance of the two overlapping conversations, an interactive poem is displayed on the LCD screen, inviting the audience to recollect their own intimate struggles with connection and family.