Montréal Conférence Typographique Brand Identity

  • About Montréal Conférence Typographique Brand Identity (2016)

    Montréal Conférence Typographique is a brand identity project created for MICA’s Typography 1 class (Instructor: Hieu Tran). It was a month and a half long process that involves brand collateral like a series of schedule posters, a schedule brochure that unfolds to reveal a promo poster, and a speaker biography booklet. Each element explores hints at the beautiful multi-colored glass panes of the Montréal convention center (Palais des congrès), the fast-paced, dynamic environment of a convention center, and a visual system of blocks that highlight the letterforms of Tungsten (Hoefler & Co). The process behind this piece was featured in MICA's Bronze Gallery for the System, Process, Context exhibition, see bottom of presentation.

    The posters are 30x20 each, the brochure is 4.5x6 folded and 18x24 unfolded, and the booklet is 4.5x6.