MICA 2017 Competitive Scholarship

  • The Street
    My first solo exhibition at the Wilgus Gallery
  • Democracy In America
    Photographs from the Democratic National Convention
  • Barrack Obama gives a speech at the Democratic National Convention.
  • The DNC host committee invited members of the media to a party at Citizens Bank Park to celebrate before the convention.
  • Fifty-seven fiberglass donkeys were painted by local artists to represent the states and U.S territories.

  • Hillary Clinton headed to the Kimmel Center where she threw an appreciation party for supporters, sponsors, volunteers, and celebrities.
  • A demonstrator holds a rose through the wall by the Wells Fargo Center at the Convention.
  • Bernie supporters demonstrate in the Free Speech Zone.
  • Philadelphia police occupy the Free Speech Zone at FDR Park during the convention. 
  • A demonstrator climbs the wall by the Wells Fargo Center at the Convention.
  • Demonstrators carry the coffin of the DNC.