Self Portrait 16x20

  • Self Portrait 16x20

    Upon my recent graduation from art school I have been left in– what I feel is–some type of limbo.  Long gone are the days of endless critiques on assigned empty topics at the mercy of the professor’s likings. The white homasote boards vanish and I am left in my own room staring at the ceiling wondering what to do next.

    I have two options. I can let my creativity slide, procure other ideas and subjects that pertain to my normal day life or I can keep making art–keep my hands moving and my inner design intact.

    I choose the latter. I then realize I am at a point in my life where I am free to make whatever I please, for no specific audience and no monetary gain. It is simply for me and for the sake and love of art…

  • This piece embodies where exactly I felt I was in the current moment. It recently came to my attention that in my creative career so far I have yet to create a self-portrait. Naturally, I decide that is what I will do. I will combine some of my favorite techniques–photography, typography, and hand drawn type– with my ideas, in a style that I prefer. I will strive for something that is not boring, slightly chaotic, insane, ideally original and whole-heartedly myself. I will take risks and try not to obsess over trivial details but instead focus on the process and let this dominate the outcome. 

    And this is what came of it. Neither adding or subtracting anything, the whole image, messy, brilliant and perfectly in this moment.