Competitive Scholarships 2017

  • Competitive Scholarships 2017
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  • P R O X Y    |    Branding: Orientation Welcome Pack (Helpful Map, 'Hello!' Badges, Companion App)
    Proxy is a way to help International Students within college campuses across the United States by fostering a community that supports, empowers and encourages.
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  • B O W L I N E    |    Print Magazine with iPad Version

    Bowline is a magazine created for adventurous young travelers. The highlight of this special issue is Alaska, and contains interesting information about it's many sites and activities. 

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  • B A L T I M U S E    |    Music Festival Branding: Website, Posters, Event Passes, Motion Ad

    Baltimuse is an event which brings back local bands to perform in Baltimore City, highlighting the city’s homegrown talents and showcasing the wide variety of musical genres they express. 

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  • G A L A P A G O S    |    Infographic Book

    Galapagos is an infographic book containing facts about the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, South America. Using data collected from various sources, graphs and charts were created, along with facts about the animals that live there. 

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  • L A S T   C A L L    |    Packaging Design

    Last Call is a luxury brand of spirited dark chocolate. The names of the products were derived from a play on words on the various spirits contained in each bar of chocolate, namely gin, scotch, and rum.

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  • B E   C O N S I D E R A T E   |    Motion Graphic Public Service Announcement

    In order to foster a more conducive environment in the Graphic Design studios at MICA, this PSA was created to encourage people to be more considerate through showing common dos and don’ts in a hilarious and fun way.