literature related

  • 2017 Book based character designs 
    I decided to try my hand at designing characters from a book, as well as include other literature inspired characters I tried to design for a animated film or graphic novel. I tried to design the characters as they were described and how I always envisioned them.   
  • This was one of the first sketches of the book I did.  The designs weren't quite there yet!
  • The humans of the story. A pair of sisters and their elderly relatives who don't believe in stories of the people under the hill. 
  • The Goblins. The king and his court of goblins who can "pass" as human.
  • some sketches of goblin citizen's described in the story. 
  • My attempt at redesigning the hookah smoking caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland. I went for a more human look, and tried imply a mermaid-like allure to the character. 
  • Before and after sketches