• On Typography
    Editorial Design, Motion Graphics
    "In 1946, Max Bill wrote an article entitled “Über Typografie” (“On Typography”) that served as a founding statement of Swiss modernist typography. Soon after this article was published, Jan Tschichold replied with “Glaube and Wirklichkeit,” (“Belief and Reality”) which sought to refute many of Bill’s opinions, and reflected Tschichold’s own turn from a modernist to a traditionalist typographer."
    Designed a book and a trailer for promoting the book based on the debate about Swiss Typography. While these two articles have different viewpoints toward Swiss Typography, I noticed there are interesting connection points between two articles. Those points on each page were highlighted separately throughout the book, encouraging the readers to search for those connecting moments.
    Black and white only, simple and clean layout reflects the minimalistic Swiss Typography, and the promotion video presents the concept of the book with simple motions with music.